Soon after launching in November,  Nintendo NES Classic Edition went off rails. The console had a massive demand in the market, but Nintendo, despite all its efforts, failed to keep up with the required stock levels. In fact, the struggle continues even today as the tiny console is either sold out at most retailers or is hitting the shelves at a hefty price tag.

However, as promised by Tatsumi Kimishima, the president of Nintendo, new stock for the classic edition is on its way. It could take weeks to make an actual appearance, which is exactly why we’ve got some of the best current bets that you can consider to grab your favorite console.

Where can you buy Nintendo NES Classic Edition?


Amazon: Since weeks, sellers at Amazon have been posting Classic units for sale. Their prices include markup, but day-to-day tweaks and store offers, open the possibility for securing the best deal. All you have to do is check the store regularly and make the purchase as soon as the price goes down.

For those who don’t mind spending higher price, the console is available on Amazon starting $162. However, the stocks are still limited and you may want to buy it quickly if the price is not an issue for you.

Chunk Toys: Chunk Toys also has consoles in stock, but for $250. The price seems to fluctuate around $10 to $100 every so often, so you may want to keep an eye on this one. You’d also get free shipping from Console.

Gamestop: You may find NES classic edition at some GameStop stores. There’s nothing on the store website, but you might just get lucky at a local store. All you have to do is just call the outlet and check if they have any in stock.

Newegg: Offering a hefty deal, Newegg is selling the Classic for a whopping $200. Plus, you’ll also have to pay extra $11 as shipping charges.

Nintendo Store: The Nintendo Store in New York also restocks the new NES at its original price. There’s no word on their next sale, but Facebook and Twitter updates might come in handy in keeping up with stock availability.

Though none of these stores will give you an MSRP as low as $60, you can certainly expect a fair deal with on-time delivery. The demand of NES Classic Edition has been rising sky high and it is not going anywhere until the official restock is introduced by the Japanese company.


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