Neko Atsume was recently updated with a whole bunch of new cats, toys and a new remodel. But how do you get the cats? Here’s how you can get your hands on Apricot, Ganache, Jeeves and Sapphire.

Neko Atsume Screenshot


This tan and orange-coloured tabby cat is level 10, and features a “slacker” personality. She does not appear to have any one favourite toy, but she does love Ritzy Bits. Here are the toys she enjoys: Zanzibar Cushion, Pancake Cushion, Fairy-tale Parasol, Sunken Fireplace, Sheep Cushion, Chestnut Cushion and Choco Cornet Tunnel. She reportedly leaves the Tiny Toothbrush as a memento.


Ganache is chocolate-coloured and level 90, with a “pragmatic” personality. He doesn’t like Frisky Bits and leaves a Puzzle Piece as a memento. He does like Ritzy Bits, and his favourite toys are – Zanzibar Cushion, Pancake Cushion, Fairy-tale Parasol, Cardboard Cafe, Blizzard Tent, Scratching Log, Cat Metropolis and Luxurious Hammock. He appears to particularly love the Fairy-tale Parasol, Cardboard Cafe and Blizzard Tent.

Jeeves and Sapphire

Jeeves is a neatly parted cat at level 210 with a “nimble” personality. He will be accompanied with Sapphire, so they essentially come together. Sapphire is a level 20 classic siamese cat featuring a “naive” personality. They don’t seem to like Frisky Bits, Ritzy Bits or Sashimi all too much, but they do like Deluxe Tuna a lot. They are favourite toys are the Fairy-tale Parasol and the Tower of Treats.


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