Neko Atsume just got a new update, and it comes with four mind-meltingly cute cats: Apricot, Jeeves, Sapphire and Ganache. Want to know how you can get your hands on their fur? Here’s how you can!

Neko Atsume


Apricot is level 10 and coloured tan and orange, and she’s a tabby cat with a “slacker” personality. Very similar to Peaches in that she doesn’t have any one favourite toy. Being lower, she’s hard to draw out to the backyard, but here’s what you’ll need.

Apricot likes Ritzy Bits for food, and the toys she likes are: Zanzibar Cushion, Pancake Cushion, Fairy-tale Parasol, Sunken Fireplace, Sheep Cushion, Chestnut Cushion and Choco Cornet Tunnel.


Ganache is level 90 and chocolate-coloured, with a pragmatic personality. He’s fairly easy to get as far the cats in this update go, but keep in mind that he doesn’t like Frisky Bits. His memento is the Puzzle Piece.

Ganache also likes Ritzy Bits for food, and his favourite toys are Zanzibar Cushion, Pancake Cushion, Fairy-tale Parasol, Cardboard Cafe, Blizzard Tent, Scratching Log, Cat Metropolis and Luxurious Hammock. He’s particularly drawn to the Fairy-tale Parasol, Cardboard Cafe and Blizzard Tent.

Jeeves and Sapphire

Jeeves is a level 210 “Neatly Parted” cat with a “nimble” personality. He comes pre-packaged with his lady, Sapphire, who is a level 20 classic siamese cat with a “naive” personality. Frisky Bits, Ritzy Bits and Sashimi don’t quite work for them, but they do enjoy Deluxe Tuna a lot. As for toys, they seem to like the Fairy-tale Parasol and the Tower of Treats.


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