In case you’ve been too busy looking at cats the past week, you might not have noticed that Neko Atsume has got a new update, and it brings with it a whole bunch of goodies you might appreciate. There are four new cats, of which two are normal and two rare, a whole bunch of new items and even a remodel.

Neko Atsume

The orange cat is named Tabby, while the chocolate one is named Ganache. Ganache’s chocolatey flavour goes well with the theme of the new remodel: Sugary Style, which transforms everything into deliciously sweet desserts. If you get the Fairy Tale Parasol, you’ll get Jeeves the butler cat, and Sapphire the southern belle. Check out our guide on how to get them!

As for the new toys, here’s what you can get for your cats: Lucky Cushion, Royal Bed, Stump House, Biscuit Mat, Plum Cushion (Red, Pink and White), Cream Puff House, Honey Pot, Choco Comet Tunnel, Tower of Treats, Fairy Tale Parasol and Pancake Cushion. Half these toys I want to eat.

Neko Atsume was developed in Japan by developers Hit-Point and is currently available on iOS and Android. What do you like the most about this new update? Let us know in the comments below.


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