Playing Neko Atsume but can’t seem to get a memento from Peaches? You’re definitely not alone. It’s not straightforward, but you might just get a memento from her if you follow these steps.


According to Zulai Serrano over at iDigitalTimes, Peaches played with the Cardboard Cafe, Twisty Rail and Cat Metropolis. Apparently Peaches shows up a lot when you put recently purchased items in your yard, but you also have to make sure you have her favourite toys on hand. Among her favourite toys are: Glass Vase, Luxurious Hammock, Stump House, Giant Cushion, Colorful Sock, Tiramisu Cube, Pancake Cushion, Heating Stove. As for food, Deluxe Tuna works wonders, but you’ll also have good luck with Ritzy Bits, Sashimi and Bonito Bitz.

Ultimately, dealing with Peaches is a game of patience, and you will likely spend weeks without her showing up at your backyard. She likely won’t drop her memento, the Bendy Straw, until even later. Consider it a life achievement when you do. Do you have any better ideas at how you can get Peaches to give you her memento? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.



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