Need for Speed is set to launch on PC in just a few weeks and it seems that newest update for the game will bring the “PC exclusive” manual transmission option to PS4 and XboxOne. Aside from that, the update will bring two new cars, a 1932 Ford Hot Rod and Aaron Beck ‘BeckKustoms F132’. Both cars will have the same options for tuning as all other models. The patch should be already available for XboxOne and PS4 owners.


A new type of event that will arrive with the update is drag racing, a feature that was deeply missed in the original game. There will be five drag race events added with this update. Another new feature is additional space for five new cars in the garage. A number of other new features and fixes will also arrive, for complete patch notes see the list below.

Full Patch Notes

With this Living Game update, there will be two new vehicles, a new game mode and Manual Transmission.

We are bringing Hot Rods to Need for Speed! Firstly the Ford 1932 Hot Rod, secondly the Aaron Beck BeckKustoms F132. Along with the Hot Rods players will now be able to play a Drag Race and use Manual transmission

On top of these big features the update also includes:

  • A Virtual Warehouse where you can keep an additional 5 cars in your garage

  • Improved Snapshot overview screen in the Need for Speed Network menu so you can find out more about your snapshots

  • Improvements Snapshot Pro mode

  • Improvements to the wrap editor

  • 3 new Trophies and Achievements

  • More campaigns for Rep / Cash and Discounts

  • A variety of tweaks and improvements including gameplay, World and audio

  • Multiple stability fixes


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