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NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 has released the title and synopsis of the final episode 24. The finale is titled as Unleashed and it will see the return of Sam’s arch enemy from the past.

The official synopsis of Unleashed teases that Sam’s wife, Michelle Hanna (Aunjanue Ellis), gets kidnapped. As a result, Sam goes rogue to stop the enemy from attacking his family again. This arch enemy is none other than guest star Anslem Richardson aka Tahir Khaled.

Khaled has a past history with Sam. In the last season, it was Khaled who targeted Sam’s son after taking his school as the hostage. After rescuing his son Tahir was taken away by the authorities and not killed. Now once again, he is returning to challenge Sam and his team with a new trouble. And this time he is attacking Sam’s wife Michelle. This episode will also see Erik Palladino, who guest stars as CIA Officer Vostanik Sabatino.

NCIS LA Season 8
Photo Credit: Facebook/NCIS Los Angeles

Actress Daniela Ruah has spilled the beans on NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 Finale. She says that this finale will bring real big moments for all. The series had the edge of your seat moments before for the finale. But it seems that this finale is really different that those. She adds, “It’s something that’s going to stick with us for the remainder of the show until we go off the air”, reported TV Line.

The further response of Ruah, regarding the Season 8 finale, appears to tease about NCIS Los Angeles Season 9. She says to the aforementioned source, “It’s not just a Season 8 thing, it’s something that’s going to be present forever.”

Perhaps she is talking about the tumultuous impact it is going to have on the life of Kensi Blye and Marty Deeks. This possibility cannot be ignored as executive producer R. Scott Gemmill has said, “Sam’s life is going to change. Kensi and Deek’s life is going to change based on the finale”, reported TV Guide.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 finale is on May 14 on CBS network.


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