In this NBA 2K17 MyPark Tips, we will show you how to play lockdown defense. Let’s get right to it.

nba 2k17 mypark tips
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NBA 2K17 MyPark Tips for lockdown defense

The L2 button is your best friend (LT if you’re on Xbox One). When you press L2, you will notice your player spread down a little. It’ll be like the goalie in football when trying to save a penalty. The player will also go side to side as fast as possible. However, if you press the Turbo button (right trigger), you will notice your player only run from side to side. This is definitely not recommended.

So, now you see someone really fast approach your player. Don’t move from side to side but move backwards slowly at an angle with the L2 button pressed. Go in the direction of the corner. This is how you will beat people who try to speed boost around you.

If someone’s doing dribble moves in front of you, just stand there with the L2 pressed. Don’t move until your opponent moves towards you or tries to go on either side to cut you. If the opponent is just standing there dribbling, just keep the L pressed without moving to any side. Don’t fall for fake moves of the attacker and start moving resulting into a decrease in your stamina.

Don’t try to guess where the opponent is going, make them commit to a certain direction. And always try to move a bit backwards and sideways instead of just taking a side only. If the opponent approaches you and you take a side, you will be beaten. However, if you go a bit back while taking a side, your opponent will still feel trapped.

What if you’re beaten?

Let’s say there were a rebound and another player on your opponent’s team got the ball. Don’t try to run up to them and block the shot even when they haven’t taken it. That’s a mistake a lot of people, playing defense, do and it’s a rookie mistake. The opponent will simply cut you and beat you.

nba 2k17 mypark tips
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Okay, so the opponent has the ball. What now? Go to your control options and make sure you have Automatic Shot Contest set to Intense-D. So, now your player will automatically contest the shot when you get close to the opponent player. Hold L2 and get close to the player. No need to jump and get cut easily. Hold the right stick up and your player will raise his right hand up to allow him to contest the shot even better.

If the player is a bit far from you and you want to get close quickly, first run a little distance and then quickly hold L2 while closing the rest of the distance.

Hopefully, our NBA 2K17 MyPark Tips will help you make your defense better.


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