This tutorial is not going to be quick. It’s going to take a while. So, if you don’t really care about these +1 bonuses that you get every single time in the gym in NBA 2k17 MyCareer, then don’t bother. But those who do, this is a very important guide for you. This might take you a while but every single practice will give you a +1.

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NBA 2k17 MyCareer – Here’s how to get a +1 attribute every time you hit the gym

Step 1 – When you’re in the gym and somebody asks you to practice, always say no. Hit that L2 and reply as negative. Do this every single time. Even if you don’t see anybody, hold L2. You will get a +1 in your Shot IQ after a while.

Step 2 – Do all the workouts until you see the +1. Every single drill needs to be done until you see that +1 pop on the screen. We recommend you start from the shortest drill and then make your way to the longest one. Every single drill has a +1 hidden in it. The Gatorade drill is always a guaranteed +1 in reaction. Also, remember that you will get only one +1 from each drill per session. That means you should move on to the next drill after getting that +1 in another drill.

Step 3 – Always skip to open shoot round when the coach starts talking in practice. This might give you the +1 shot IQ or +1 Tangible.

Step 4 – Always work on your free throw during team practice. This is the only way to get your free throw up. Also, we noted that if you do the sprint after this you get a +1. This may or may not work, so it’s entirely optional.

Let us know what you think of our NBA 2k17 MyCareer guide for getting a +1 attribute in the gym.


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