In our NBA 2K17 Gameplay Impressions, we want to talk about the gameplay, new shot meter, dribbling system and much more.

nba 2k17 gameplay impressions
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NBA 2K17 Gameplay Impressions – Game speed

In our opinion the game feels quite fast which is a good thing. It also feels a lot like 2K15. The gameplay has a lot in common with that which we definitely prefer. It’s way more fluid and smooth. In 2K17, if you break somebody with a cross-over your game won’t stop. So, it keeps the momentum of the game going. Running around and pitching the ball is way too easier and fast in 2K17.

New shot meter

So, a lot of people are wondering how do you take the shots and what’s the new system for getting the right timing and precision. However, people need not worry because the new shot meter is very simple. After playing around in the game for a minute or two you will be able to take shots easily. We personally prefer the right controller stick to shoot but you can also configure the square to shoot.

New and improved dribbling

Well, if you prefer dribbling with the right stick then definitely configure shooting to the square. Dribbling in 2K17 is a bit of a new affair but once you get the hang of it, it’ll feel like a piece of cake. If your opponent is good with the right stick you will be cut around a lot in game. You have to time where you branch out. If you don’t branch out at the right time the you’ll be constantly losing the ball.

Fatigue system

If you dribble too much, your fatigue bar will go all the way up. And if you run out of energy, you’ll lose the ball pretty quickly. You will not be able to move or make shots because all your energy will be gone. So, you will have to be efficient with your dribbling.


We weren’t sure what to expect when it came to rebounding. Once again, this isn’t that deep. However, keep in mind it’s not that easy and could get really tough at some times. But it’s definitely better than what we had in 2K16.

Let us know what you think of our NBA 2K17 Gameplay Impressions. Also, check out how to scan your face in NBA 2K17.


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