Honestly, we don’t even know how to describe this move. One word: Unguardable. If you know how to spam this move against your opponent then you’re simply unbeatable. Why? Because it makes use of a glitch that prevents the other player for countering it. We’ll teach you this new NBA 2k17 Dribble Move Glitch.

nba 2k17 dribble move glitch
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NBA 2k17 Dribble Move Glitch – Here’s how to do it

To do this move, you need an Elite 3 Basic Size-up. You also need the Curry combos put on cross-over size up rather than Dribble Elite 7. Also put Hesitation on Normal. Elite 2 Cross-Over also helps.

Now, to perform this move, hold R2. Flick to the ball hand and then flick to the off ball hand. It’s that easy. You can mix in combos with this and just murder anyone on the court and we mean that literally. So, for example, flick left and right without R2 and then perform this move.

One more thing, this is technically a glitch. We noticed very few people are actually able to counter it. Why is it a glitch? Because at time the ball moves from one hand to the other so fast it feels as if it simply warped from one hand to the other. That is insane and unguardable. However, some players were still able to beat it but only by sheer luck.

Just remember, R2 and then flick from the ball hand to the off ball hand. You’ll see the ball bounce between your hands so fast that you’d be amazed. Also check out our best dribble moves tutorial. We consider those moves the best in the game and recommend you try playing with those.

Let us know what you think of this NBA 2k17 Dribble Move Glitch. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more NBA 2k17 news, updates and guides.


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