This is exactly what we needed to make half-time breaks in NBA 2K16 more entertaining: LeBron James dancing as a cheerleader. A creepy, crotch-less cheerleader with a stark white abdomen. But a cheerleader nonetheless. Never doubt the ingenuity of PC players modding their games into greatness.


The video below comes from YouTuber MkElite, who installed a mod that makes NBA stars dance in place of cheerleaders, complete with facial animations. The movements translate really well to the character models, but the models themselves don’t seem to survive, resulting in a distinct lack of the groin area, as well as a strange colouration on the abdomen. Bizarrely enough, as the screenshot above demonstrates, some of the stars end up with panties attached to their waist.

The video has garnered close to 200,000 views so far, and with good reason, it’s hilarious and simultaneously mesmerising. At present though, there does not seem to be a mod doing the opposite: turning cheerleaders into NBA players. What there is, however, is a mod that turns the Avengers and Batman into basketball players (as was clearly their destiny).

What do you think of this mod? Are you going to give it a shot yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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