Rumours are spreading about the new discovery made by NASA and various other agencies, claim that the Pumpkin Stars are bigger and better than the sun. Even many astronomers, are looking into this matter to solve its mysteries.

These pumpkin stars were seen by NASA during the missions. They stated that these stars spin at a fast rate that they make a pumpkin like shape. These Pumpkin Stars were observed by NASA’s Swift and Kepler missions. The Stars produce 100 times X-ray emissions than the maximum level of the Sun due to its fast rotation.


In comparison with the Sun, the pumpkin stars have a longer rotation period. As observed by Steve Howell, senior research and development scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center, the Sun has a rotation that takes about one month. He claims that according to the observations the pumpkin stars amplify everything that is happening on the Sun, such as solar flares and the existence of sunspots.

It is said that these stars have different sizes. The K-type orange giant KSw 71 is the largest of these pumpkin stars. It is 10 times the size of the sun. Apart from its size, it completes the full rotation in 5.5 days.  According to NASA’s official site, the X-rays emitted by the Pumpkin Stars is about 4,000 times than what the Sun emits.

Pumpkin Stars are among the rarest in the galaxy. An X-ray survey from the original Kepler field view was used to find the Pumpkin Stars. The rotation measurements were obtained by the team using the data received from the Kepler to find out more and to determine the size of the stars. These stars were 2.9 to 10.5 times larger than the Sun. The team is looking forward to make another discovery related to the rare Pumpkin Stars.


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