So, there we have yet another mysterious sighting on arguably the most mysterious planet in the Solar System. We are talking about the recent sighting of what appears to be a brick wall on Earth’s proverbial next-door neighbor, Mars.

The alleged “brick wall” was spotted in an image of Martian soil captured by NASA’s Curiosity Rover. Here’s a copy of the image:

Mysterious object resembling a brick wall spotted on Mars (via

As you can see, one part of the image gives you the impression that there is a wall or a building of some sort. When zoomed, the weirdly familiar structure looks even more similar to parts of a manmade wall.  

Within a short period, the image had captured the fancy of alien hunters and ufologists across the world. UFO hunter and founder of Scott C. Waring published the image on his site on November 12.

But why does he think it is indeed a brick wall and not mere stones coincidentally taking the shape of a manmade structure?

“It’s incredibly detailed and too perfect for it to be a natural object. I am amazed by its simplicity, yet perfection, as if I were looking at the wall around my neighbor’s front yard,” Waring explained.

Expectedly, not everyone seems convinced by Waring’s suggestion that the aliens probably had something to do with it. Most skeptics have dismissed it saying just because it looks like a wall, doesn’t mean one must use their imagination to spread wild speculation.

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