Naruto Shippuden Episode 476 is scheduled to be aired on September 29. TVs Tokyo confirmed that the episode will be one hour long, covering seven chapters of the manga series. It is also rumored that the episode may be a finale for the series and may feature Sasuke and Naruto fight.

It is believed that the episode will be called “The Final Battle” and will culminate with the death of both the characters. The episode covers chapter 694 to 700 of the manga. It will continue with the battle between the main characters which started in Episode 475.

In the run-up to the finale, Naruto Shippuden missed airtime for a couple of weeks. The rumored finale may see Sasuke and Naruto using their best techniques. The battle is caused by the difference in opinion about Hokage. While Sasuke considers being a Hokage is not about being popular. He may try to impose his views on Shinobi world, without taking their will into consideration.

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It is already clear that Sasuke may kill five Kages, as he believes that these Kages are responsible for the current chaos. He also holds them responsible for the exile of Itachi. The Kages are currently stuck in the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Sasuke may also go ahead with the annihilation of Tailed Beasts as he considers them to be too enticing to be resisted. This is due to various qualities possessed by tailed beasts such as offering an upper hand in war as well as an edge during the peaceful period. Sasuke has already subdued tailed beasts by trapping them using his Catastrophic Planetary Devastation Technique.

However, the biggest question is about the fate of Naruto, who is not only Sasuke’s former friend but also the main impediment in his way to create a new world order. Tune in to see the ultimate outcome on September 29.


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