Two headed sharks, wait what, like the ocean wasn’t scary enough with one headed sharks swimming around from shore to shore. But as weird and as crazy as it sounds, it is a reality that there are two-headed sharks which are surfacing in numbers, correct numbers. This rumor was earlier considered as a myth but we hoped it is, the truth to it is that they are exploding in numbers. No one knows their origin and there is no significant clue as to why and how these sharks are originating.

two headed sharks

Many researchers are completely clueless about it and have been scratching their heads in question but haven’t reached any sort of conclusion. The history of two-headed sharks is not that new, one of them first appeared in 2008 around the Indian Ocean and was reported to National Geographic by a fisher.

Since then, they are appearing in at alarming rate further scaring the oceanographers. According to Nicolas Eheman who is from National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico explains that this can be because of the shrinking gene pool of oceans due to the higher rate of fishing. This can also be caused because of a rare birth defect which is further affecting the chain of sharks. Other reasons due to which this rare defect has risen are viral infections, pollutants or metabolic disorders.

According to researchers when they dug in deep of an unusual egg of an egg-laying shark, they inferred that this a rare gene defect. Also, they concluded that two-headed sharks cannot survive for a long period of time. Well, the world is indeed full of surprises.


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