VR gaming requires that your computer system is equipped with top of the line computer hardware in order to render that VR content at smoothened frames. MSI is not just targeting the desktop lineup of products, but is also intending on bringing VR content to gaming laptops with the announcement of several VR ready gaming laptops. The announcement is most likely going to take place during Gamescom.

This is going to be the same period when NVIDIA will officially be announcing its GTX 10 series of graphic chips for gaming notebooks, so it is going to be an exciting event altogether. The mobile list of GPUs that are probably going to be powering future gaming notebooks are as follows:

  • GTX 1080 for mobile
  • GTX 1070 for mobile
  • GTX 1060 for mobile

As for MSI, given below are the models that could be announced during the event:

MSI VR gaming laptops (1)

  • GT83VR
  • GT73VR
  • GT72VR
  • GT62VR
  • GT72VR
  • GT62VR
  • GS73VR
  • GS63VR
  • GE72VR
  • GE62VR
  • GP62MVR

These VR ready laptops are most likely going to feature desktop class CPUs and improved thermal chambers to remove all of that heat properly. We’re not sure if these notebooks are going to feature mechanical keys on not, but it will definitely upgrade the gaming experience for millions of gamers if such a feature was included, though we have to admit that the overall bulk of these notebooks will increase as well. Gamescom is going to be held from August 17-21, and whatever information that we did not get our hands on before will all be made clear to us.

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We are also excited to see a GTX 1080 for notebooks perform in at least one of these VR ready gaming laptops in a series of read-world benchmarking tests, so know for certain the sort of performance can we expect from MSI and its army of powerful mobile machines.