MSI has added yet another HTPC-friendly graphics card to its portfolio by officially rolling out the low-profile Radeon RX 460.

This new graphics card, designed to fit the needs of home theater buffs, come in two variants — one with 2GB native GDDR5 memory (MSI RX 460 2GT LP) while the other with 4GB memory (MSI RX 460 4GT LP). Both of these cards run on a 128-bit bus.

Apart from the memory configuration, the rest of the specs are basically the same for both products.

With this launch, MSI hopes to strengthen its grip over the market for slim HTPC cases. The card occupies two slots and contrary to the prevalent trend, comes equipped with a dual-fan cool cooler. Also, like most of MSI products across different categories, the RX 460 card uses “military class 3 components”, meaning both the 2GB as well as 4GB variants use MIL-STD-810G certified parts only. That includes an aluminum core design, as well as solid capacitors.

The RX 460 card is powered by AMD’s Polaris 11 GPU architecture with 896 stream processors, 16 ROPs, and 48 TMUs. The reference speed stands at 1,200 MHz (boost), which is more than competent to handle gaming at 1080p. However, if you are looking for something that can enhance the visual aspect of your day-to-day gaming even further, you may have to look for alternatives.

Note that apart from being notably shorter than the standard Radeon RX 460 cards, the new low-profile variants also have a new I/O bracket with only a couple of video output — one for dual-link DVI-D, the other for HDMI.

As for the price, MSI is yet to reveal how much these low-profile RX 460s going to cost buyers. Just to put things into perspective, the single-fan RX 460 2G OC card is currently available for $100 on Newegg.



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