Mount and Blade Warband console producer announced a European release date for the game a few weeks ago. However, there was no confirmation of a North American release date. Dual Shockers approached the developer for comment. They have confirmed that the game will release on September 16th for Xbox One and PS4 in North America.

mount and blade warband
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Mount and Blade Warband is sequel to the critically acclaimed Mount And Blade RPG

Mount and Blade Warband was originally released for PC in 2010. It is the official sequel to the open world sandbox RPG Mount and Blade. The game features horse mounted combat and commanding units called warbands. Units can attack or hold their position.The game takes place in the fictional land of Calradia with no actual story. Players have the option to either join a faction, become a vigilante or be neutral. You can read a description of the game here.

In Mount & Blade: Warband the player can witness and enjoy a completely open sandbox-RPG, which is set in a fictional medieval scenario. Individuals can choose their career path and define their own goals in total freedom, thanks to the non-linear gameplay. Realistic medieval combat is also offered in the form of challenging skill-based real-time fights. Not only is strategic thinking for small encounters or large scale battles required, but the player will also be need to master a huge array of melee and ranged medieval weapons.

Mount and Blade features large scale battles and more

Mount and Blade Warband expands on the formula of the original game by making the combat system more detailed, adding a sixth faction and including a 32 player multiplayer mode. The game adds the ability to upgrade companions to vassals by granting them lands and introduces new weapons like the Javelin and also includes an enhanced morale system where soldiers will retreat if their morale is too low.

The game focuses on large scale battles with siege equipment and foot soldiers. Players can build their army by hiring soldiers through gold they earn by completing random quests in the large open world of the game. You can read the full description of the game here and the original DualShockers article here. For more on Mount and Blade Warband and other RPGs stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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