This might be a good time to consider Motorola if you haven’t considered it yet. From May’18th midnight, Motorola phones will go on 48-hour hefty price drop in the UK on Nexus 6, Moto 360 and Moto X. Discounts will range from £30 – £96.

moto x 2nd genWith the price drop of just £30, Nexus 6, 32 GB variant will be available at £449 and 64GB variant at £519. Whereas on Moto X 16GB version will be available at £229 and 32GB model at £519 which makes a whopping £96 price-drop on the current rate-tag.

moto 360 smartwatch, discount in uk, price cut, dropWith signs of Moto 360 successor coming up soon, Motorola has decided to give away discount on Moto360 also. In coming week’s two-day sale, Moto 360 prices are being cut by 25 percent, making it available at £150 and a decent saving of £50. It looks like Motorola wants to clear its stock quickly. This may be a kick-off for a new trend for flash-sales in months to come.


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