With each passing day the specifications of Motorola Moto G (3rd gen) are becoming the hot cakes. With every minute the device is moving an inch towards the launch in coming months. The most discussed information about the device is the capacity of RAM that will adorn this handset.

moto g 3rd gen, import details, india, testingThe preliminary reports on the device show that there will be 1GB of RAM only however, the rumours point that to 2GB. A retailer listing has added the weight to this wherein the Zauba import/export database for India shows the same.

The latest report shows that 192 units of the Moto G 3rd gen have been imported into the country for testing. Half of which are black coloured and other half are white ones. One doesn’t need a hawk eye to see that the device listed there carries 2GB of RAM. Apart from that one can see the 5inch screen will be sported by device alongwith 8GB of onboard memory.

Also it show the prototype device costs Rs. 15,200 (Approx US$ 240), with white ones little costlier than the black coloured device. These tags may not be considered as final but it is worth noting that the price tag is little higher than the Moto G (2nd gen).

The screen size seems to be little different of what was tipped earlier (5.2 inch). Till there is some official confirmation on the information, we have to wait and watch the ever growing excitement over this device.


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