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Moto X has been a great flagship device and has seen three generations. Every new generation of the device comes with great improvements, and Moto X has its own fan following. Well, if rumors are to be believed, then Lenovo, who owns the Moto brand now, is expected to launch the 4th Gen Moto X 2016 this year.

A lot of rumors regarding the upcoming next-generation Moto X are floating around on the internet, so we have compiled every rumor possible in this article. Do note that these are rumors and might be baseless, so take them with a pinch of salt.


Moto X 2016 Release Date, Price

Of course, Lenovo hasn’t spoken about the 2016 Moto X release date, but we can try guessing it from the previous releases. The company does not have any fixed time frame or pattern to release it phones, which makes it harder to predict the month in which the next device will be unveiled. However, rumors suggest that the Moto X 2016 will be released in the June-September time frame.

As for the pricing, we can take a wild guess and say that the Moto X 2016 price might go as high as $450 to $500.

Moto X 2016 Features and Specs

Starting from the display, Lenovo has already announced that all the upcoming Moto phones he Moto X Play got a 5.5-inches screen, while the Moto X Pure Edition came with a 5.7-inches screen. So guessing from that, the Moto X 2016 should get a Quad HD screen of size between 5 to 6 inches.

The Moto X 2-16 is said to get a full metal unibody, and of course, there will surely be a fingerprint sensor on it. The phone is expected to come with at least 3 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 820 processor. It is possible that the phone might only get a single SIM slot, and the phone might either get Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow or Android N out of the box.

The 2016 Moto X is expected to get a 21MP rear camera with OIS and an 8MP front camera. We expect the phone to get a 3000-4000mAh battery to compensate for the powerful CPU and bright display. As announced by Lenovo earlier, the phone will bear the “Moto by Lenovo” branding just like all the other upcoming Moto phones.

Update (08/05/2016): The Moto X 2016 has been leaked in a new image that shows off the back of the phone. It looks like the phone will not get an all-metal body, as the front and top antenna caps seem to be made of plastic for avoiding signal interference. The design has been modified slightly, with curves being rounder and the phone being overall slimmer.

moto x 2016

The camera module has also got a new design and the glass cover is large, probably hinting towards a larger sensor for better low-light performance. Then there’s the usual Batman-style Moto logo in the middle and speaker grills on the bottom. The fingerprint scanner seems to have moved from the rear to the front. Some rumors say that the phone might get launched in June itself, while some others suggest that we might see the phone release by the end of this year.


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