With every passing day, a lot of excitement is growing in the smartphone industry because of the major upcoming smartphone launches lined up ahead. We have got the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, HTC Nexus 2016, and the iPhone 7 coming up ahead. Another one of those most-anticipated phones is the Moto X 2016.

A lot of leaked images and information about the 2016 Moto X flagship has already been found and published all over the internet. The specs and design look very exciting, and the new phone might come with some path breaking features too. So let’s go through the list of all the important things we know right now about the Moto X (2016).

1. Moto X 2016 Will Have Two Variants

moto x 2016 modular backplate

According to a News18 report, next Moto flagship is going to come in two different variants that have been codenamed as Vector Thin and Vertex. The Vector Thin will be the top-end, premium version, while the Vertex will be a standard version. The former will be thinner and will come with better specs. Both the phones have already been leaked in images earlier and look beautiful. Also, it is being said that either both the phones or the Vector Thin version will get modular backplates.

2. Modular Backplates Will Support Several Accessories

A report by VentureBeat says that the golden dots seen on the back of the phone (in the image above) is meant to be a modular backplate. This will enable the users to put on various accessories on the back of the phone. Earlier this year, LG G5 was introduced with a modular design. We don’t yet know how customizable the Moto X 2016 would be, but the golden connector pins on the back will support various accessories like a camera grip with optical zoom and flash, a battery pack, wide angle lens attachment, stereo speakers, and more.

3. Snapdragon 820 and Up to 4 GB of RAM

Being a flagship smartphone, we are sure that the Moto X 2016 will come with the Snapdragon 820 chipset under its hood. But according to the leaks, the Vector Thin edition will get that processor, while the Vertex variant will be powered by a Snapdragon 625 processor. Also, the amount of storage and RAM will also be different in the two versions. The Vertex could either come with 3GB RAM/32GB storage or 2GB RAM/16GB storage. The Vector Thin is supposedly getting 32GB of internal storage with 3GB or 4GB RAM.

4. Shatterproof Display and Slim Body

moto x 2016

In an exclusive report a few days back, we showed you a couple of leaked images of the front panel of Moto X 2016. Along with that image, some new info also came to light, suggesting that the 2016 Moto X will have Moto’s shatterproof display tech called Shattershield that was earlier seen in Moto X Force. The Vector Thin will get a 5.5-inch Quad HD AMOLED screen, while the Vertex will get a Full HD AMOLED display. Also, the Vertex will measure 7 mm in thickness, while the Vector Thin will be 5.2 mm thin.

5. Great Camera, Good Battery, and More

The Vertex version of the phone is said to be coming with a 6MP rear camera with PDAF and laser AF. The Vector Thin variant will get a 13MP rear camera with laser AF, Optical Image Stabilization, with probably a larger sensor and better aperture range for great low-light performance. The Vertex will get a 3500mAh battery, while the slimmer Vector Thin will get a 2600mAh battery, both with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge.

Bonus: Moto X 2016 Release Date and Price

An IndiaToday report says that the Moto X 2016 is expected to get launched on 9th June at Tech World 2016 event. The Vertex will cost lesser than the Vector Thin, and the prices will be announced at the launch. We expect the new smartphones to cost anywhere between $450-$500.


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