Moon Lovers has kept the audiences entangled in its charismatic love story which is powered with fantastic twists but seems like the show has run its tenure as the makers are planning to close the series. There is no confirmation as to what is the core reason to shut the 20- episode series but the probability of a closure is positive.

But the good news is that the fans have launched an online petition in order to garner validity of global interest in having a second season of the love story series. That’s heroic. The aim is to get more than 35,000 votes in order to push the series for a second season which once completed will be sent out to CEO Lee Woong Mo who is also the president of SBS.


Scarlet Heart Ryeo is the Korean adoption of Chinese drama “Bu Bu Jing Xin”. Lee Joon Gi who plays the character of Wang So on the show also expressed his desire to have a second season. In his recent post on Instagram, the actor added a video tagging it as “Soon” which made fans all over the world curious. In addition to this, the actor also confirmed that there will be a very special episode marking the ending of the first season. However, there is no official confirmation on the special episode or “an open ending” but fans all around the world are hopeful.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo has portrayed love cross the barriers of lives and hurdles. It has greatly shown that true love has a magic in itself and no matter what hiccups comes, true lovers are destined to meet, no matter what. Let’s wait and watch the future of the epic love saga.


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