Even an experienced person can have trouble with PC builds. Inexperienced users can find this task daunting. So Microsoft has plans to put all these qualms to rest. In July, last year, Microsoft filed for a patent that was approved a few days back. The patent directly hinted to a Modular PC which could be built by anyone, even those with no experience at all. The system incorporates stackable components which can be easily put together by anyone. The components need to be bought first, like in a traditional PC, and can be attached with a magnetic attachment system. Each component has a separate housing in the modular system and is as easy as Plug ‘n’ Play.


Modular PCs might just be the thing that Microsoft needed to expand its portfolio. The system is highly modular and allows for the replacement of CPU, GPU, Memory, Speakers, Storage, Battery and Wi-Fi card. It houses a modular display too, which comes as a default option. The display is connected to the other parts through a hinge. It also includes the power supply and may have other input options like HDMI, USBs and Display Ports.

While this is just a patent filed by Microsoft, it may or may not materialize into an actual Modular PC. But going by the latest market trends, anything that is modular will spark the interest of lots of buyers due to their DIY factor. Let’s hope for the best and wait for an announcement from the developers at Microsoft regarding the launch of the Modular PC.


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