The Rock has rocked the world and Hollywood with his rocking performance since more than a decade now. Be it the Fast series, or playing the hot Scorpion King, he has done it all and has amazed his fans that he is more than just a WWE fighter. But now this time, he is coming up with something more edgy in case of emotions, not action and we are talking about his upcoming Disney release, Moana.

moana movie review

The movie is set in South Pacific or to be more specific, Oceania. The movie, as the trailer depicts is about a young girl who is a navigator, of sorts, named Moana, comes looking for a demigod, enter, The Rock so as she can save her people. Moana, as the trailer demonstrates, is an animated movie which is created by the team behind “Frozen”. Frozen, the movie that became the fifth blockbuster movie in the box office history.

Frozen received a lot of appreciation from all upclass reporter of Hollywood. A glimpse at the reviews, Empire magazine quoted: “Like Frozen, it’s got some mighty music, thanks in no small measure to the involvement of Broadway smash Lin-Manuel Miranda.
“A crowd-pleasing oceanic musical with big tunes and beguiling characters, Moana is likely to thwack a big smile on your face.”

Steering towards the trailer review of Moana, the movie appears like a Frozen classic of  The Rock. Magazine Variety quoted: “Moana keeps with the tradition that made Disney the leader in animated fairy and folk tales, and yet, showing a thoroughly modern touch, it’s the first to do so without so much as suggesting a love interest.”

Well, there is an uncanny similarity in the reviews but the movie from its trailers appears promising. Check out the trailer:


  • KatchProFILMS

    Every now and then I’ll meet some Hawaiian young hipster’s —

    young people, either of Maori descent… or simply just from Hawaii. And, ALL (remarkably, I thought…) very aware, and very excited (i.e.: one young law student, a guy, almost giddy. Hip and cool, one minute… “giddy” the next, when you mentioned, “Moana”. He even corrected my pronunciation, “mo-ON-na”. Made me say it correctly… twice! ) about this new Disney film… this new Animation movie coming out.

    (I felt that, kind of, natural “buzz”… that “word of mouth” unprecedented. Especially from young people, a Disney film… and, an Animated on at that.)

    They all knew about it, and somehow knew it was coming out some time late November. (One guy, I think a student, from Hawaii, during the summer had told me. I was impressed.)

    There was definitely a PRIDE thing. From their culture. (I could feel that. Feel that, only. And, quite distinctly.) These were hip, young people… mind you. Worldly. Sophisticated. And, going on how pumped up, like lit up, about this movie. (A seeming Animated Disney kid movie.)

    Very cool.