Mission impossible is one of those movies which redefine the word blockbuster and reiterate the entire predictions of collections. The stunts, the cars, the tech, the daredevil acts, the story and Tom Cruise, everything about Mission Impossible is pure cinema. With 5 installments already released and millions and millions already made out of them, the sixth installment of the fantastic series is on papers now and is estimated that the cast starts shooting from the next year.


Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, and Jeremy Renner are the main casts of the movie and Paramount in collaboration with Sky Dance has decided to release the movie around summer 2018. Christopher McQuarrie will return as the director of the movie and Bruce Geller will be the writer of the 6th franchise. Tom claims that the sixth movie will have a more compelling storyline and also more fear defying stunts. Well, that’s always the whole idea to watch the Mission Impossible series.

Speaking about the history of collections of Mission Impossible, the last installment of Mission Impossible earned around 682 million dollars worldwide. Call it superstition or a happy coincidence, the sixth installment of Mission Impossible is also slated to release around the same time of the year 2018. Well, we heard that Tom Cruise is a great follower of Scientology which can be one of the greatest reasons for his success and superstition.

Whatever, it maybe, all we know is that he is an awesome actor and delivers for what he is designed to be. We can’t wait to have a look at the spoilers or teasers or trailers or movie. We just can’t.


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