Mini NES Pre-Orders Sell Out Within Minutes on Amazon – Here’s How You can Get Yours

Amazon released the Mini NES Classic Edition for pre-order a few days ago and it literally sold out within minutes. If you visit the Amazon site, you will see the “Currently Unavailable” heading on the console’s home page. The NES will launch on November 11 this year and has the following specs:

  • NES Classic Edition has the original look and feel; small and sleek

  • Up to 30 pre-installed games like Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, PAC-MAN and more

  • Includes a standard HDMI cable

  • Comes with one old-school, grey-colored NES Classic Controller and an AC adapter

  • Also compatible with Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro

  • Additional NES Classic Controllers will be sold separately

Comparing the classic NES to the mini NES (via
Comparing the classic NES to the mini NES (via

Console will feature classic CRT monitor look

The upcoming console will only have HDMI and two controller ports. WiFi, USB, and SD will not be applicable on the system. In an interview with La Terrasse ÉNERGIE, Nintendo of Canada communications manager Julie Gagnon confirmed that the new console will “include a pixel perfect option that displays each pixel as a square, but also a mode simulating the retro look from a CRT television and an option to display the games in a 4:3 aspect ratio.” (via IGN)

While all the stocks already sold out, you can sign up on Amazon here, and you will get alerts as sson as it is again available in stocks so that you can get yours quickly.

Did you get your hands on the pre-orders in the previous days? What are your thoughts on Nintendo’s upcoming console? For more news regarding Nintendo and the mini NES stay tuned to MobiPicker.

  • Tomes2789

    It didn’t sell out yet. It has not become available to pre-order yet, and that Amazon page is just a placeholder. Your article is incorrect and misleading. It should be removed.

  • Karky Co

    The preorder never went live on Amazon, Best Buy, or Gamestop. Only Target and Toys R Us.

  • iMURDAu

    Misinformation. Amazon hasn’t done the preorder yet. I like how “a few days ago” counts as reporting. What day was it? What time? Why wouldn’t Amazon have sent out emails notifying people who are already signed up?

  • Jason Hall

    “will get alerts as sson as it is again available in stocks”

    soon is misspelled. FYI

  • areuhi2

    c’mon man! you reported this crap? not even close to being true! u tryin to hype it up. brainwashing scheme you are

  • Chris Fox

    And a majority of these preorders will be resold on ebay for atrocious prices.