Mini NES Classic Edition is as cute as it is easy to use. It has 30 games and numerous features that stack-up, including emulation quality, display options, and its CRT TV mode, save states. But it has one major flaw that most users only noticed after buying the new console. The controller’s cable length is either to accommodate your effort to just bend forward or the intention that children set the Mini NES at the floor and kneel while playing. Like, you know, the old days of gaming before couch and plasma TVs. Suffice to say the short cable length is a huge problem for the Mini NES Classic Edition.

mini nes classic edition
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Mini NES Classic Edition has a small cable length but there’s a workaround

The new console is still one of the hottest items for Christmas simply because of the casual crowd and people who grew up back when the NES was released. People want one just for the first three Super Mario Bros games and are ready to throw down $60 for the NES Classic. Especially considering that those three games and an NES cost you two to three times as much.

A lot of people are still questioning whether it works with Wireless Wii Classic Controller or a Gamecube to Wiimote Adapter + Wireless Gamecube Controller and Nunchuck. Thankfully, all of those would work, except for the nunchuck. A wireless classic controller is exactly like the original, but slightly different, therefore it works. The Gamecube to Wiimote Adapter would work because it needs A and B button and directional input, and a wireless GC controller (WaveBird) has the same input. But a nunchuck won’t work because it uses Z and C buttons, but it needs A and B to function.

There’s another option for the Classic Edition. You can use anything that constitutes as a Wii classic controller or classic controller pro. With proper controller converters, you can use a GameCube controller, PS2 controller, an actual NES controller which has a much longer cable, and a SNES controller.


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