Mini NES Classic Edition is out of stock in most stores in the UK. But it’ll be returning to stores soon and we have all the latest info on that and more. A lot of players typically hate clone consoles. But this is an official Nintendo product developed and produced by Nintendo themselves. So, you know the console will be a decent build quality.

mini nes classic edition
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When will the Mini NES Classic Edition be back in stock in UK?

“Nintendo Classic Mini orders are likely to be fulfilled by mid-December, according to Amazon. Fans waiting for Nintendo Classic Mini NES stock will be pleased to hear that Amazon is expecting more units soon. “We will be fulfilling customer orders in the order in which they were placed, and expect to fill all pre-orders by mid-December 2016,” reads an Amazon statement. While this is good news for customers who have already placed Nintendo Classic Mini orders, it’s unclear if Amazon will receive additional units to sell. But it is a positive sign for anybody hoping to pick up a Mini NES before Christmas.” (via express)

Not everyone is smart/ bothered enough to set up and emulate on an older PC. Lastly, the gaming market now has subdivisions that are popular like collecting, nostalgia, display merchandise. All these areas are now retail norms as the social stigma of being a “gamer/nerd” has been altered. The difference between this and other emulator is that it doesn’t steal from Nintendo. And is a cute little Mini NES Classic Edition. It’s really just for nostalgia.

We’re pretty sure this is cheaper than buying the system and the games, or buying the games from the games from Nintendo E-shop. On the other hand, it also has pixel perfect display mode which is way better than the 4:3 mode. 4:3 still distorts a pixel making it slightly rectangular, which should be perfectly square. Pixel perfect would change the ratio to 1:1 which would be how the game would look regardless of any distortion a display would give it. It is EXACTLY the way the game would be viewed if the display device was a perfect square like the pixels, aka zero distortion.