So far holding up to get your hands on a Mini NES Classic Edition? In light of present circumstances, Amazon finally has them back in stock. People, this is not a fake. You can go to the Amazon website and see for yourself. The Mini NES Classic Edition console you’ve been relentlessly waiting for all time to get your hands on is finally back in stock on Amazon. Moreover, you can possess one right now. And your unit will meet up at your home THIS WEEK by virtue of free Prime transportation.

mini nes classic edition
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Mini NES Classic Edition Now Back In Stock At Amazon

As you can see in the screenshot below, Amazon now has the NES Classic Edition stock and selling it for $168. Of course, the price is high but considering the stock availability, it is still a good deal for the people who desperately want it. It is worth noting that NES Classic stocks do not stay for more than a few hours so we suggest you to order your console quickly.

nintendo classic mini nes amazon

The console likewise uses a standard HDMI interface. It goes with one out-dated, dim toned NES Classic Controller and an AC connector. The console is in like manner immaculate with Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro. Additional NES Classic Controllers will be sold freely. Make sure to grab the console as quickly as possible.

Source: Amazon

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