GameStop is not offering any pre-orders on the Mini NES Classic Edition, which is sure to be a huge hit this holiday season with Nintendo fans. Amazon is also not offering NES Mini pre-orders, so what’s the deal? Is the NES Classic going to be hard to get this Holiday season? Apparently not and here we outline which shops you can go to and buy the new console.

mini nes classic edition
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Here’s how you can buy the new Mini NES Classic Edition

The best deal is currently available on eBay, where one UK seller is selling the Nintendo Classic Mini console for £90, while another is advertising the console for £89.99. After that, there are deals for £105, but already you’re paying more than twice the recommended retail price. CEX is probably your best bet for getting a Nintendo Classic Mini this week, but it all depend on how many people decide to cash their NES consoles in at launch.

Scalpers do not create an artificial market. Nintendo might create an artificial market by under-producing NES minis, but then they are letting others enjoy the excess profits by scalping. Which seems illogical to us, but maybe they think they make it by some kind of marketing gimmick? But scalping is just meeting supply with demand. It’s a sign that Nintendo didn’t make enough to meet demand. It’s a sign that there is massive under supply. The scalpers serve to get the product to those that want it most- those that are willing to pay for it.

However, we think this strategy will not work in Nintendo’s favor. The vast majority of the target audience will be “non-gamers.” They don’t want to deal with Nintendo idiosyncrasies. This thing needs to be readily available on-shelf during hype apex for Nintendo to maximize its business potential.

If you can’t find the NES mini, just get a Yobo NES clone with controllers ($20 free shipping) on eBay along with and 5 or 6 common original carts of your choosing. And it will equal about what you’d pay for the Mini NES Classic Edition, around $60, and it will fulfill your NES needs.


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