This holiday season, we have seen a lot of online sales offering exclusive items at really exciting prices. But some gadgets are meant to be collected for the sake of it, and this is why the Mini NES Classic Edition has become one of the highest selling items nowadays. The grand legacy associated with the console coupled with the fact that it’s almost impossible to find makes the Mini NES Classic Edition even more irresistible. The initial stocks sold out instantly, and retailers like Walmart, Urban Outfitters, etc. have been offering a small number of units every now and then. Today’s news might probably ease your worries. Or not?

Image Credit: BGR

Amazon has announced that the NES Classic Edition will soon be in stock, but that doesn’t make it easy to buy the item. Here’s the catch- Amazon has got only three physical stores, and the console will be sold online at those offline stores. You will need to get to one of these stores to get your hands at a Mini NES Classic. And even then, sales are limited to one unit per customer, and the stocks will be sold out almost instantly. So there’s no guarantee of successfully buying a unit.

It’s really getting hard for fans to lay their hands on the Classic NES, with people lining up outside stores and most of them returning empty handed without even reaching the counter. Some people have been trying to purchase the Classic through “other” means and are ready to pay double or even triple the amount.


To sum it up, it is really a shame to see so much disappointment among NES fans. Nintendo’s announcement had really got everybody excited, but people are simply irritated now due to the unavailability of stocks. But of course, this problem will soon get solved and the NES Classic Edition will soon be available in abundant stocks.

Anyway, Nintendo has surely found a way to stay in the news and promote the upcoming Nintendo Switch. We just hope the fans won’t have to worry about “Out of Stock” signs when buying the Switch.


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