Nintendo’s flagship console from the 80s is slated to get a re-release this year’s November. Mini NES will be a slimmer version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System and will cost around $60. The console recently went up for pre-order on Amazon and sold out within minutes. We hope it gets re-stocked soon so you can put up a pre-order. You can visit the site and subscribe to it so that you get notified when it’s back for pre-order. So, why should you buy one? Well, we here at MobiPicker are excited for the new Mini NES and here are 5 reasons we think every Nintendo fan should get one when it releases.

mini nes console

1. Mini NES comes pre-packed with 30 games

Yes you heard that correctly. The Mini NES will have 30 classic Nintendo games on it. These include Super Mario Bros, PACMAN, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Kirby’s Adventure. Here’s your chance to play these games all over again and relive the nostalgia. We personally would be playing a lot of Legend of Zelda.

2. Mini NES is slim and really small

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Given how technology is advancing and we are able to fit more transistors in the same area, we are now in a position to redo processing power in a much smaller area. The Mini NES is seriously small. Just look at this picture.

mini nes console
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2. Classic Mini NES Controller

There is no way the whole NES experience can be authentic without the classic Mini NES controllers. The controllers look exactly the same and have the same size as the classic ones. The white and black colors complement each other and give the controllers that classic aesthetic look we all grew up loving. Plus the buttons have the exact same feel and sound when you press them.

mini nes console

4. Classic CRT Monitor look

Yup. You might be wondering how would you be able to emulate that classic CRT monitor screen from back in the days when those CRT TVs were popular. Well, Mini NES will feature numerous display modes and one of those includes simulating the retro look from a CRT television. There is also the pixel perfect mode and the option to display at 4:3 aspect ratio.

mini nes console
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5. Buy a Mini NES even if you still have the original

If you’re a collector, the Mini NES will definitely appeal to you. However, there’s no reason to buy the console once again after so many years. For one, the new Nintendo NX is yet to release. Then, there’s also some brand new features the Mini NES will feature like up-scaled graphics. This means you can enjoy classic Nintendo titles in high resolution.

Will you be buying the Mini NES? Let us know in the comments below. MobiPicker will keep you updated about Mini NES and will also notify you if the console goes live on Amazon once again for pre-order.


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