Minecraft and Fallout are two well-known names in their own genres. When the makers announced to bring Fallout pack to Minecraft, the fans were delighted but many were left disappointed as the pack was only for consoles, leaving out the PC users.

Mojang, the developer of the Minecraft game, has announced that the Fallout Mash-Up Pack will now be available for both Pocket and Windows 10 editions. This announcement comes only a few months after the feature was announced for the console players in December 2016.

With the Fallout pack, the classic game has got a complete overhaul. The green lands and hills are now gone and have been replaced with completely brownish landscape like the Fallout game has. Mutation is the one thing that can be seen everywhere in the gameplay.

You will be able to find two-headed cows, ghouls, and huge scorpions roaming around while in the gameplay. “Wait until you see what’s happened to the poor llamas!” Mojang team teased. The pack also comes with its own soundtrack that has music from the series itself.

As with the console release, the mash-up pack brings a total overhaul of the game’s textures, turning the glorious greenery of the overworld into a blasted wasteland. But life goes on! Heavily mutated life, at any rate: two-headed cows, gruesome ghouls and outsized scorpions are among the mobs you’ll find roaming the blasted landscape. Wait until you see what’s happened to the poor llamas!

There are over 44 skins more available to choose from and that includes Nick Valentine, John Hancock, Jangles the Moon Monkey, and the famous Fallout Vault Boy.

If you are interested in the Minecraft’s Fallout Mash-Up Pack on Windows 10 or Pocket, then you can get it from the store available in the game itself for $5.99.

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