We recently saw the release of Minecraft’s 1.9 Update, titled the Combat Update. Development on the next update, version 1.10 is already under way, according to Minecraft’s lead developer Jens Bergensten. And now, we already know what it’s going to include.


On his Twitter account, Bergensten was asked what has been planned for version 1.10. Here’s his response:

Which is… surprisingly candid of him. A ‘mob’ in Minecraft terms, for those of you not in the know, refers to the creatures found within the world. There are currently over 40 different mobs, such as creepers, skeletons, chickens and cows. We don’t know what the new mob is, nor what role it will fulfil. Bergensten does love to tweak, however:

242, 242, 242 points towards a light grey colour. Could the mob be an elephant? Or perhaps a rhino?

As Design & Trend notes, mob additions don’t happen all that often in Minecraft. The last mob added to the game was Rabbit, which was added in July last year.

Are you excited for the new mob? What do you think is it going to be? Let us know in the comments below.


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