Minecraft is a title that needs no explanation. It is an extremely popular game that has recently been acquired by Microsoft. Minecraft Story Mode is a great variation of the game brought to us by Telltale Games, transforming the already immensely imaginative and creative nature of Minecraft into a story-driven experience.


The Android and iOS version of Minecraft Story Mode will be releasing on 15 October, two days after the PC and console versions. Telltale Games are famous for creating games that tell complete stories with some player interaction. They produced a series of popular games like The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead. This time they put their talented hands on Minecraft and turned it into a great story that revolves around Jesse, who players will be able to take control of. Minecraft Story Mode will come in five episodes, “…that will take you to the Nether, the Farlands, the End, and beyond!”

In Minecraft Story Mode, Jesse faces various obstacles and adventures accompanied by his/her friends, as they attempt to find the Order of the Stone and save the world. Minecraft Story Mode will not have the same system of freely travelling around, digging, mining and crafting, but these elements will still be somehow implemented into the flow of the story. Telltale compares the game to a TV show, where players get to become the main character and manipulate the way the story goes with significant choices and decisions.


A bit more than two weeks is left until the release, so we are pretty much convinced that Minecraft fans are extremely excited to finally jump into the amazing Minecraft Story Mode. We will post a more detailed review once it is officially released.


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