Today we share some new changes in the new update for iOS. These features are also the same for Windows 10 and Android versions Minecraft Pocket Edition. The update to Minecraft Pocket Edition has brought music to the game finally which you can download in the store. Along with a NEW Delete add-on for the annoying add-ons.

minecraft pocket edition update 0.17.0

Minecraft Pocket Edition Update 1.0 features

Creative search tab now selects the search box when switching tabs and when typing any character even if the box is not selected. “Your home bed was missing or obstructed” message now appears if you die and your bed was destroyed. “100% dragon free” and “It’s alpha” removed from the splash text because the Ender dragon has been implemented and the game is no longer in alpha.

If you take two damaged items and put them in the crafting grid or anvil, you can get one item with full durability. Lowest render distance value you can have is now 3 chunks (because chunks get stuck trying to load if it’s below 3). Moving between tabs in menus while using the LB/RB on a controller now behaves as expected. Transferring items between containers should be faster now.

There is now an animation for throwing items. Wearing a pumpkin helmet prevents endermen from attacking you. You can now make huge mushrooms from regular mushrooms. You can now drink milk in Creative mode. Beetroots and beetroot soup now appear in the Creative inventory. You can check out the rest of Minecraft Pocket Edition update at the official wiki.


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