We already now Minecraft Pocket Edition Update 0.16.0 hasn’t arrived yet. But it seems the developer is already hard at work on the update after that. Minecraft Pocket Edition Update 0.17.0 might arrive pretty soon after update 0.16.0 lands. We noticed something with Build 5 recently. Build 5 of 0.16.0 beta came out on Friday. Go to Create New World and change game mode to Creative to allow Villagers to spawn. Then turn on cheats. Spawn a Villager in the game. If you crouch near him you will notice an Open menu appearing at the bottom of your screen.

minecraft pocket edition update 0.17.0
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Minecraft Pocket Edition Update 0.17.0 – Villager Trading?

So, could this be a hint towards a new feature arriving soon? Well, it seems more than likely. However, it could be that this feature is introduced in 0.16.0 and not 0.17.0. If you tap the Open menu, that appears at the bottom of your screen, nothing happens. It could be that the developer has done this to tease us for the next update.

This could simply be a bug. However, if you recall, Villager trading was promised around 0.13.0 and 0.14.0. So, could this be it then? Trading is a big thing for the game. So, hopefully, it does get introduced.

Recently Tomasso posted something interesting on Twitter.

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He later elaborated on it by saying “What I’m doing is to split the LevelChunks into 16x16x16 cubes, so they can be compressed like in PC. It’s for 256-high worlds :)”. Chunk format is for how the world generates. It’s for making sure that certain blocks such as coal, gold etc spawn at the right level in the map. The 256 high worlds were also promised a long time ago but never introduced. So, could this be another promise being fulfilled? We’ll have to wait and see.

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