Here’s what we know so far about Minecraft Pocket edition update 0.16.0 aka Boss update. Not much is confirmed but speculation is rife. Keep in mind that some of the stuff might not be added while a lot of other stuff could be. Tommaso Checchi of Mojang tweeted several days ago that the new 0.16.0 update will hit the game soon but no date was confirmed. “We don’t announce things before said things are already implemented.” He said in a tweet. Anyways, here’s everything we expect to be implemented in Minecraft Pocket Edition update 0.16.0.

minecraft pocket edition update 0.16.0

Minecraft Pocket Edition update 0.16.0 will bring resource packs

Currently, we have texture packs but they only involve the textures in the game. You can only buy textures and not import your own. With resource packs, you will be able to import your own like the popular ones that are free. Resource packs will allow you to change a lot of things such as sound, music

Add-ons for the game

They’ll be like mods for the original PC Minecraft but this time, you’ll have to pay for them. We feel a bit disappointed to know that content which you could otherwise get for free on PC will have to be paid for on mobile devices. However, the official mods will change the gameplay experience a lot like the zombie rabbit shown in a tweet.

Changes to existing biomes and new ones!

We might be seeing changes to the ocean biomes. There will be normal ocean biomes as well as deep ocean ones. Ocean monuments might also be added.

New mobs

We think Polar bears and Guardians might finally be arriving as part of the next Minecraft Pocket Edition Update 0.16.0.

Changes to the Settings menu

Tomasso tweeted a very much revamped settings menu which looks very easy to use. It also provides a slew of options relating to graphics so if your mobile can handle better graphics, you can increase things such as anti-aliasing and draw distance.

Let us know what you think of the Minecraft Pocket Edition Update 0.16.0.


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