Minecraft Pocket Edition got its Update 0.14.0 not too long ago, and fans are already anticipating the next version, which will be numbered 0.15.0. While we don’t yet have a release date on when this update will actually be released, we can put together some clues on what to expect from this coming update.


According to Neurogadget, it has been revealed that Resource Packs will be added to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Resource Packs are similar to Texture Packs, except they add new music, adjust models and upgrade the in-game animation. Sounds a lot like mods, except playable on the Pocket Edition. An anti-aliasing option will be added to the game, and other graphic options are expected to be added as well.

Apart from these features, there will be new blocks added to the update: pistons and Sticky Pistons will be coming with a version exclusive animation. It has also been suggested that there might be more Redstone related blocks coming. Neurogadget also expects the Raw Mutton and Cooked Mutton to be added for all your meaty needs. There might also be dialogue with NPCs, which would be a version exclusive.

We’ll keep you updated on more information about the coming 0.15.0 update for Minecraft Pocket Edition as it comes.


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