Microsoft announced on Wednesday that their new Minecraft: Pocket Edition will get an Overworld update for version 0.14 at the end of February on all operating systems. The update would have multiple features and improvements along with bug fixes that would get Minecraft fans interested. Microsoft also shared the details of the upgrade along with the release statement, and here are some of them.

Expect additional Redstone components for the overworld along with much more complex contraptions and machines. Droppers, Dispensers, Comparators, Repeaters, trapped Chests, and any number of similar devices might be available. The witch huts are supposed to come with cauldrons that would contain random potions that a user can use to their benefit if they wish. Moreover, the cauldrons can be used to dye a user’s costume to any colour they want! Other than this, red sandstone, chicken jockey mobs, and wearable pumpkins are supposed to be released as new features.

As an additional upgrade, the developers of the game announced that maps can now be imported and exported into the latest build of Windows 10, so that it is easier for users to share their world on social media. Other than this, for those interested in rankings, the following updates are available: Dispense With This, Map Room, Freight Station, Camouflage, Smelt Everything!, Map Room, Taste Of Your Own Medicine, and Trampoline Bounce.

Overall, it seems that the update is reasonably big and there are enough features included in it to get any user of the game interested. Microsoft’s new Windows 10 Mobile is set to be released soon, and the game itself should see more users once it hits the shops.


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