Minecraft: Pocket Edition is one of the most popular and quite engaging titles in the Minecraft Series. The Developer Mojang has done a pretty fantastic job on the game and they are still introducing new features in the game via a number of updates.

Recently, Mojang tweeted about a new update that is expected to land soon. This new update is being dubbed as the Discovery update for the game that is bringing in some much-needed features. In addition, the developer has just released a new trailer for the Discovery update as well. Check out the latest Discovery Update Trailer below.

The new Discovery update trailer shows off almost the whole story of the Woodland Mansion. The new update is going to land soon and according to the developer, “There’s loads and loads more coming.” They’ve further teased the fans by saying that many new wondrous and mysterious things will be offered to uncover.

Routines such as Bartering with a cartographer for a treasure map, slinging the supplies into Llama’s pack, and embarking on amazingly epic adventures and quests in order to locate the dank and dangerous jungle mansion, etc. are all part of this new Discovery update.

With an amazing amount of exploration, crafting, and building the game pits you against the most vicious mobs of enemies where only means of survival is to defeat them. Collecting epic loot (Totem of Undying) and cheating death is the most prominent and rewarding aspect of the game.

The new Discovery update is bringing in some exciting features as well for all the crafters. The crafters will be able to dye beds, smelt ingots, and enjoy building using a number of new blocks such as Glazed Terracotta and Concrete.

For all those who are more into experimentation and stuff, will have a whole bunch of new Add-Ons just according to their choices. They’ll also be able to remix mobs and enjoy new movement properties as well.

According to the developer;

“These things are just the start – we’ll be revealing even more of the Discovery Update’s secrets in the coming weeks.

Exciting times ahead!”

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This simply means that until now, not a lot of information about the latest Discover Update is revealed. Hopefully, fans will hear more soon. It’s not going to take long now for the new Discovery update to come out. We’ll keep track of all new developments about the upcoming Minecraft: Pocket Edition update and will share with you soon. Stay tuned.