More details continue to emerge regarding the upcoming 0.15 Update for Minecraft Pocket Edition. The latest we know about the update is that it will feature jungle temples (seen below), as well as give you the ability to ride horses and… pigs? How odd.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Jungle Temples can be found in the Jungle biome… and well, they’re temples, just like Desert Temples are temples found in the Desert biome. The Desert Temples were added all the way back during Update 0.13. Jungle Temples are made of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone and have a 15×12 base. More pictures of the Jungle Temple can be seen in a tweet by Jason Major here.

On the other hand, saddles have been given a new purpose, and as with saddles in real life, they can be used to ride animals. Well, maybe not exactly like real life, because in Minecraft Pocket Edition, you can use them to ride pigs as well. This one comes to us thanks to another update from Jason Major, showcasing a saddle on a pig and then some riding action.

Apart from these two, there are a number of additions slated for Update 0.15. Read more about them here. We’ll keep you updated on more additions to the update as they come, so keep checking back and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below. Oink oink!


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