Minecraft: Pocket Edition will be getting updated to version 0.15.0 soon, and while we’ve been reporting on it for a while now, it seems that the update has finally reached beta status and will be released to the general audience soonish. If you’re interested in trying out the build on Android devices, you can try it out over here. Note that you will need the actual Minecraft: Pocket Edition app on your Android device before you can update it. If you’d rather wait and read what’s new in the build, carry on reading.


The biggest features being added to the game are Achievements and the inclusion of Minecraft Realms, which is essentially servers hosted by Mojang that enable cross-platform play (for a subscription fee). New blocks and items include Horse Armor, which can be crafted with Leather, Carrot on a Stick, Fire Charges, Name Tags, Leads and Tipped Arrows. There’s pistons, including Sticky Pistons and the Observer Block.

New mobs include horses, husks and strays (a kind of stronger skeleton). New food includes both raw mutton and cooked mutton, while a number of spawn eggs will be introduced in the game for wither skeletons, horses, mules, skeleton horses, zombie horses, donkes, husks and strays. There will now be biome-based villages generated in the world, including abandoned villages as well as jungle temples, which we talked about earlier.

Windows 10 and VR versions of the game will get an anti-aliasing option, and pigs will now be ridable, using Saddles. Skeleton AI has been updated and you can now stand instead cauldrons (but why) and Hoppers. Trapdoors also no longer need blocks on any of their sides to be placed. Let us know what you think about these changes in the comments below.


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