Mojang has given fans reason to be excited (even if it is for a while). The company has unveiled two updates for the Minecraft Pocket Edition to be shared a piece between Android and PC users. Minecraft is a sandbox game where you mine, craft and explores different kinds of 3D blocks within a large world of varying habitats and terrain.

minecraft pocket edition

According to Neurogadget, the recent Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.0 Beta development was announced on Mojang’s official blog. Some of the features of the new map are; maps, hoppers, droppers, dispensers and the list goes on. Another interesting stuff that made the lists of the upgrade is witches (for heavens know why), pumpkins hats and Mob Head hats. Others that can not be missed from the list are red sandstones, the comparators, and the repeaters and also the slime blocks (it just keeps getting better and better).

Besides the new inputs, the game also underwent some textural tailoring (obvious visual improvements), and higher chances that zombie babies can become jockeys and more. As always with updates, the developers also did not fail to kill performance related bugs which most times mar the excitement a good game intends to deliver.

This is a beta version so to be able to try it out, you have to be part of the beta testing program. The first criteria before you can enroll is to make sure to have Minecraft “Pocket Edition” installed on your Android device. For those desirous of testing the release for Minecraft (PC version) look for the snapshot dubbed 16w03a.

Another news source reported that Mojang made clear planned launch of Minecraft “Education Edition” done in collaboration with Minecraft Education. According to ZDNet, Minecraft Education Edition is not written in older Java version which may make it incompatible with older versions. All these is still not verified.


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