Buckle up, folks: Minecraft just got a new console update. This one is numbered 1.25 on the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita, TU34 on the Xbox 360, CU22 on the Xbox One and Patch 4 on Wii U. It’s being rolled out right now, so that’s something exciting for you to look forward to the next time you turn on your console. Unfortunately, it’s not a very substantial update. The big Combat Update PC players have been enjoying for a while now remains elusive on the consoles.


According to Playstation Lifestyle, the new Minecraft update adds a skin pack from Minecraft: Story Mode, as well as 6 new trophies (and achievements for the Xbox versions), improved spring control and Huge Mushroom Blocks. There’s also a whole bunch of bug fixes to make the experience smoother, which takes up the bulk of the patch notes. The Ender Dragon will no logner by immune to attacks, Thorns enchantment will now properly affect players, and a few speed-based potion effects should now work as intended.

Mojang has currently announced no plans on when they’re bringing the PC’s Combat Update to consoles, which means that PC players are currently far ahead when it comes to enhancements to the game. How long do you think will this gap remain? Let us know in the comments below.


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