Minecraft Console Edition 1.10 update files appear to have been leaked ahead of the actual release. Microsoft has already updated their end for the official release tomorrow. Now the files have a couple of weird things posted in them that we would love to share with you. Some of our favorite features for the upcoming Minecraft Console Edition 1.10 Update include polar bears and ice walker enchantments.

minecraft console edition 1.10 update
via mojang

Minecraft Console Edition 1.10 Update

So, if you don’t know already, Minecraft console edition will be skipping the 1.9 update to go directly to 1.10. But we’re also getting previous features that we didn’t have such as banners. Banners have been changed up completely and they look pretty cool. Anyways, a Twitter account by the name of StealthExpert is behind the leak and you can check out the leaked files.

On the texture file, you can see how Minecraft looks like in texture format. On the bottom you can notice the Minecraft end city structure blocks.

Structure blocks

If you look at the bottom portion of the image, you will notice structure blocks. It’s a variation of a command block. As the name implies, it is mainly for structures. People who have messed around with both the command and structure blocks on PC will be more aware of this.

Currently, it appears to be textures at this point. However, what you should know is that tomorrow the Chinese Mythology pack will be dropped for Minecraft Console Edition. We think 4J will re -texture the updated command blocks as well as the structure block to fit with the new Chinese Mythology mash-up expansion.

The next image shows some sneaky 1.9 features such as a two person boat. You can put an animal on it or have another player with you on it. The crafting methods for it are also different.

Let us know what you think of the Minecraft Console Edition 1.10 Update.


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