Minecraft 1.9 has been delayed, Mojang has announced. It will now be coming out 4 days later than it was originally supposed to come out, and a second snapshot version has been released for feedback.


Minecraft 1.9 was originally scheduled to release on 25 February, i.e. tomorrow, but that date has been pushed back to 29 February. With this extra time, Mojang will presumably collect feedback from the second snapshot and incorporate any bug fixes into the final version when it launches on 29 February (which is 5 days away).

No changelog or release notes have been revealed as of yet, but apparently there’s a lot to be excited for, considering this version has been worked on for longer than most releases so far.

Also, it’s worth keeping in mind that Minecraft 1.9 will be for the mainline Minecraft releases, for the PC and Mac. Other versions of Minecraft, such as the Pocket Edition, the Windows 10 version and console versions run their own release cycles independent of the mainline series. Minecraft Pocket Edition recently received an update as well, however; it added quite a bit of stuff, such as slime blocks, redstone components and item frames.


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