Minecraft is one of the few games that stood the test of time and has remained on the shelf. Only recently, the game got a huge update 1.8.8 with a whole lot of new features that lighted up the face of the game and pulled fans deeper into it. Needless to say, the update is now available for all platforms if you take out the Wii U (which is expected to come a little later).

Minecraft update

Update 1.8.8 adds new features to the environment such as new biomes, red deserts, savannah, ice plains, ice spike plains, dark forest, and deep oceans. Others include acacia, dark oak trees, and new types of stone. In general, the update brought an ocean monument to the game. These changes are masked into previously unexplored locations in previously available worlds.

The update gives the players a reason to run off into the wild to discover new worlds. Though it is same old Minecraft, but the new trees and colours provide a whole new outlook and possibilities. The ocean monuments and how to settle them are the toughest part of the game but all that adds to the fun in one way or the other because it makes you think. They also elicit the need to explore. For a first timer, it may be pretty difficult but the reward is also huge; you get new blocks to use for your structures.

Minecraft 1.8.8 update may not mean anything other than a bunch of terrain and colours to a non-player, but anyone who has played the game will understand the importance of variety. There is something for everyone, from hardcore Minecraft homesteader to the aggressive trader. The best term to use in describing the update is ‘the update that changed the world’.

What excites you most about Minecraft and what do you think of the new update? Tell us in the comment box below.


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